I’m Keri Nakahashi and its my passion to photograph pets and their bond with their humans. I have been working with dogs since 2008 and professionally photographing them since 2014. I take a natural approach to photography, utilizing natural light sources and Hawaii’s many scenic landscapes. My style emphasizes the emotion conveyed through your pet’s eyes to create vibrant, expressive artwork.

My inspiration came from my dog, Kobe. While on a work trip in Kauai, I stopped by some local art galleries. I saw lots of beautiful photographs displayed on large metal of our beaches and thought to myself, “the only way this could get better is if there was a dog on this beach”. Kobe is a very loving boy, with tons of personality. However, he gets scared and defensive when put into an unfamiliar situation with new people. I knew that if I wanted to create the photos I imagined with Kobe, I would have to be the photographer. So I decided to invest in a DSLR camera and learn to take my own photos. As they say, the rest is history.

You may have a dog with a similar behavior. Or one who cannot sit still for a picture. Who does not like strangers or other dogs. Who has little to no training. Who is too wild to be let off leash. Trust me, I get it. I once felt the same way. But don’t let that stop you from booking a session. I’ve worked with a variety of different dogs, each with their own challenges. Along the way I learned a lot, but mainly that patience is the most valuable tool. Because each session is customized to your dog’s needs, things like wearing a leash, avoiding other dogs, and being easily distracted can always be handled.

I offer three pet sessions, designed to fit your personal needs from start to finish. These sessions will celebrate everything you love about your furbaby, filled with lots of toys, treats and fun. I’ll capture a variety of shots, both candid and posed, so you can decorate your home with timeless pieces of art.

I look forward to working with you and your furry family member to create an unforgettable experience and custom artwork with memories to last a lifetime. Join my email list to receive a biweekly dose of photos from my latest session, photography tips, special offers, and more.